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The Face Behind the Books

Gemma is a Welsh author of adult fantasy. She is best known for the Stag & Hollow Chronicles, in which her debut novel Prince of the Ancients, is set.

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About Gemma

Amazon bestselling author of fantasy, Gem L Preston, comes from a small town in South Wales. It was there that she was influenced by the mythology and legends of her country and that, along with her love of video games, led to the creation of her debut novel Prince of the Ancients.

Her characters are brave and outgoing, but in real life, Gem is scared of moths and loves nothing more than relaxing with a cup of tea. She wouldn't last one night without being able to charge her kindle!

When she is not writing (or trying to write whilst her two demon daughters run wild), Gem spends most of her time reading, gaming or spending time with her family and friends. A passionate member of perhaps too many fandoms, Gem loves nothing more than indulging in Marvel/Harry Potter/Star Wars theories - a passionate discussion is probably one of her favourite things.

Gem has been living with an incurable disease known as IIH for over a decade, something which she tries to raise awareness of often. She also has a heart condition and, knowing how these types of conditions can affect not just the physical health but mental health of a person, she loves speaking to others who deal with chronic illnesses.

Gem is always here if you fancy a chat!


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